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Thermal Imaging

A thermal imaging camera is a device that can produce images even in dark or low light environments by measuring the thermal signature of what its pointed at. The data that the camera collects is then converted to a colored image with a graph that you can use to distinguish hotter or colder areas of the image.

The benefits of this technology is that we can stop fires and burnt out components by identifying problem areas before they arise and being able to predict future problems in the system.

This technology can be used in businesses, industrial plant and even in your own home.

Below is an image that was taken by the Team at Norvec on a routine inspection, showing that one of the contactors had a high resistance through the internal workings. We were able to notify the customer of a predicted failure in the short term and rectify the problem before it shut down an essential piece of onsite plant equipment.

Our team can produce maintenance reports on pumps, motors, switchboards and any rotating machinery.

A quick call today could save a costly failure, unwanted down time, burn out or even an electrical fire.

Thermo report.JPG
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